New Electrical Fire Victims Association - Association Des Victimes des Incendies d'origine Electrique

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Legal Satuts and...


New ADVIDE-EFVA, Legal Statuts and Rules:

To get Bylaws and the Rules & Regulations of the association, click here

Legal Informations:

Home Office:
33390- CARS France

No d'annonce : 608
Identification R.N.A. : W331001133
No de parution : 20110005

Département: Gironde Région Aquitaine.

President, legal responsibility:

Mr. Bentzmann

According to Resolution No. 2006-138 of 09 June 2006 of the French law, deciding for the waiver statement, the association New ADVIDE-EFVA is exempt from CNIL registration.

US correspondent:


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