New Electrical Fire Victims Association - Association Des Victimes des Incendies d'origine Electrique

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Electrrical fire victims association Overview


New ADVIDE-EFVA, overview:

The new ADVIDE-EFVA was born from American and French professionals willing to exchange their knowledge to work for better safety and better prevention. Some of these members have been working for over 15 years with experts on the leading cause of electrical fires.

The goals are:

......r To unite the victims of electrical fires, provide them all relevant information.

......r To bring together professionals sensitized, and bring with them the work of analysis and reflection both in the United States and in France, to better understand the technical origins of these fires for better prevention.

......r To inform the public of these views and to work in the interest of many.

......r To support the development of technical devices that can significantly improve security and in particular those based on a patent and its extensions to universally reduce electrical fires.

The association is governed by the 1901 French law. The association members counts professional electricians and engieneers, in France and the USA. It has active members and correspondents in the USA available for additional information that would help you.

Thank you for your attention.

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