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Electrical fire victims association, In conclusion, different lesson

North American vs. French:

In conclusion, different lessons - The main cause of electrical fires:

As is the case of North America, the French electrical installations, equipment, and implementation are subject to consistent standards and controls. The North American electrical equipment seems more "beefy" than the French. It is also clear that the control of defects in low values of is an important differences of exploitation constraints.

The exploitation of different ground schematics, the massive use of differential devices, years of improvements that we have briefly summarized allowed for decades to control defects with low values.

At the same time to isolate them and to properly identify them.

These improvements have not succeeded in preventing all electrical fires.

By elimination, and understanding,
electricians around the world witness that the origin of most electrical fires are not due to arcing or short circuits but the hot spots at connection due to resistance (Glowing Connexions).

Hence this heat is not physically detected, it represents the main cause of electrical fires.

Danger of Glowing connections : Full New ADVIDE-EFVA file available for members


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