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ADVIDE-EFVA special thank you to


for the loan of excellent quality photographs as you can see on this site and the site

Thank you again.



A thank you to C. Joule Effect, Inc. for the loan of the video entitled "The Main Cause of Electrical Fires".

This video is a condensed version of the longer version found on the website

In order for us to use the video, C. Joule Effect, Inc. asked that we include the test conditions that were filmed:

  • Test date: November 27, 2011.
  • Ambient temperature 68° F.
  • Test duration: Over 2 hours.
  • Simulation of the poor connection: By a poor contact and slightly pre-oxidized copper. In general, these phenomena take years to occur. Several cycles of the test are necessary to simulate the aging process.
  • Test conducted: 3 cycles of successive energizing and de-energizing the circuit.
  • Voltage: 115 volts, 1500 watts of power consumption by the space heater.
  • Romex® length: 50 cm. (20 in.) between the protection device and the connection under test.
  • Flammability: No burning of materials during the first two cycles. Favorable conditions for the ignition of the fire are acquired when plastics are degraded under heat. After degradation, they quickly catch on fire with the approach of a flame.
  • Catching on fire: A small piece of charred plastic fell off the top of the wire nut connection to the heating part. At this point the fire was instantaneous.
  • No melting of the insulation in this configuration to make a phase-to-neutral or phase-to-ground fault, hence no detection possible by an upstream GFCI. The length of the Romex® between the connection and the grouping of the conductors: approximately 10-12 cm. (4-5 in.).

Other: Note that the junction box was not integrated into the building's wall. Thus, it is cooled in the open air; the temperature reached inside the box however, was of 151° F before the glass cover cracked.


No criticism or judgment concerning the equipment used is being made or implied. It is all considered to be excellent quality. The objective here is to demonstrate a general physical phenomenon that current material can hardly detect or support such phenomenon, even that which is of excellent quality. Please note that the connection was intentionally created as a loose connection in order to immediately simulate a glowing connection. Any professional can reproduce this test. Thank you for your attention.

All documents posted on this site are protected by copyright. Any use or distribution, even partial, is strictly prohibited without the expressed written permission of the New ADVIDE-EFVA.

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